Private class covering the principles, terminology and basic exercises, enabling those without Pilates experience to choose the appropriate group or semi-private class.

Private class including a postural analysis and creation of a bespoke programme using mat and all machine exercises. Prior Pilates experience or an assessment is not required for private classes.

A duet class for you and a friend/partner includes the creation of bespoke programmes for both of you, combining mat and machine work. Prior Pilates experience or an assessment is not required for duet classes.
Independently bookable class for 2 attendees performing the same beginner or intermediate level reformer/tower exercises at the same time. An assessment is required for those with no prior Pilates experience.

Independently bookable group class for 3 attendees. A bespoke programme created for all attendees on the mat and machines, although clients will need to work more independently than in a 1:1 private class. An assessment is required for those with no prior Pilates experience.

For private classes outside the pre-allocated timings, contact me directly
Contact: 07894 521694
  • Improve posture
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Protect your spine
  • Prevent injury
  • Balance mind, body and spirit
  • Restore physical vitality
  • Enhance your fitness to encourage weight loss
  • A fully equipped mat and machine studio in the Northcote Road area.
  • Machines include the Avalon (exclusive to BASI trained teachers) and the regular reformers, towers, spine corrector, ladder barrel and wunda chair
  • Bright and airy studio with beautiful high ceilings, freshly painted walls, new flooring with all brand new machines and equipment.
  • Classes are available for all levels of fitness, those brand new to those very experienced at Pilates.
Trained, qualified and experienced mat and machine Pilates Teacher, specialising in the reformer, cadillac/tower, wunda chair, spine corrector, ladder barrel and avalon equipment.
Thushara has been practising pilates for over ten years now and trained to be a teacher having seen the muscle tone and postural benefits of pilates in her own body. Thushara left a successful 20 year career in Publishing to train with Body, Arts & Science International, renowned for their comprehensive teacher training course and trained for two years before graduating to teach mat and machine pilates across many South West London studios and privately under the Pilates by Thushara brand. And now in her own boutique studio space, including all original and specialist Pilates machines - Pilates by Thushara, just off the Northcote Road near Clapham Junction. The most enjoyable part of teaching for her is seeing results in her clients.

She has trained clients with the following injuries/special demographics: pregnant and post birth, amputees, brachial plexus, scoliosis, hip replacements, knee replacements/injuries, mature clients, teenagers, shoulder injuries, plantar fascitis, sciatica, diastasis recti, general fitness, car crash victims, weight loss enhancement, bike ride and golf tournament entrants.

Pilates exercise programmes are formulated to exercise all muscle groups in the body, ensuring a comprehensive, full body workout.

Read a recently published article about her in the Pilates press
  • “In the 12 months since I started classes with Thushara my shape has improved (I now have a waist despite not giving up cake), I'm stronger and more flexible , I can plank and also hit a golf ball 30 yards further. All thanks to classes with Thushara, a great teacher who keeps me motivated and challenged! Thanks Thushara,”
    Helen Hughes
    client since 2016
  • “Thushara’s in-depth knowledge of, and passion for, Pilates permeates her teaching. She is genuine, dedicated and professional and also creative and fun - a perfect combination to take you on a Pilates journey towards a better body and improved health and well-being,”
    Carmen Suarez
    client since 2016
  • “I’ve been doing pilates twice a week with Thushara for around 18 months. I have attended other reformer and studio classes in the past and can honestly say that she is my favourite teacher. Not only is she friendly and smiley, she is attentive, encouraging and hands on. She knows when to push you further once you are ready to be challenged more. You don’t need to tell her - she can see! She can also see if you are not holding your muscles in through layers of clothes! She clearly understands her area of expertise and her passion shows. I have definitely seen a change to my body shape, muscle tone, strength and overall well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
    Sonal Patel
    client since 2014
  • “Thushara is great. She makes getting a new supple, ache-free body fun!”
    Ewen Cameron
    client since 2015
  • “I have been having private lessons with Thushara for the past year. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is an incredibly focussed, friendly and knowledgable teacher who makes each lesson a bespoke and tailored experience. I look forward to my classes with her immensely. Thushara puts me at ease whilst driving me to achieve great results. I have noticed such a difference in my well-being and strength. She makes Pilates the highlight of the week!”
    Jennifer Burner
    client since 2015
  • "Following a serious car crash I started taking lessons with Thushara in Nov '14 and the difference she has made to my all round fitness has been astounding. My posture and flexibility have been improved immeasurably and I highly recommend Thushara's classes."
    David Walsh
    client since 2014
  • “I am lucky enough to have had Thushara as my Pilates Instructor since my very first reformer class. Above all else she gets results. She knows just how to work with each of her clients to make sure they get the best out of each and every session, whether it’s a one on one or a group class. So I always know a class with her can do me nothing but good! Apart from being an excellent instructor she is also so much fun. And that’s not always a given when it comes to working with someone who is focused on helping you achieve a stronger body and a better level of fitness. A rare and extremely valuable combination”
    Emily Wright
    client since 2014

07894 521694

Canteen Studio, 1A Salcott Road (off Northcote Road) London SW11 6DQ

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Terms and Conditions

Pricing is designed either as a pay-as-you-go or block booking option.
What to wear to classes
Ideally clothes that allow the body to move, clothes without zips and clean socks to enable grip on the mat and machines.
Cancellation policy
Pilates by Thushara offers a 24 hour cancellation policy. Classes cancelled out of this period will be deducted from your block of payment. We will try our best to replace you if due to an emergency you have to cancel later than 24 hours, but this cannot be guaranteed. This policy is strict and will have to be implemented due to overheads.
Your regular private/duet sessions
Pilates by Thushara offers block bookings and payment options to secure regular slots. If you cancel your regular slot more than 3 times in a row, we cannot guarantee this slot for you if there is another interested party. Regular slots are reserved for and payable by clients until written confirmation is given to cancel the slot.
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